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Bestester Friend Ever!!!!!!!

Hey look its Mallory
I think shes angry!

IaN- Bestester friend ever!!!!! woot woot!! secert hand shake!! chchchchchchchc siwtch chchchchchhchchc boom ya woot woot!! LoL! isnt that the best!! HAhA! the movies was fun and then the outlets thought i got soda all over me! so i had to wear my PE clothese!! LoL!! so glad i know ya cuiz your always there and your such a great friend!! Dont ya love that icon i made you!! im such a great person!! BORN TO RIDE!! haha yours and Mals picture! thats so cute!! AWWWW!! GOALA!!!!!!! LoL!! IANS A HOTTIE!!!!!! LOL!  have fun in life and enjoy what it has set out for you (i dunno where that came from but whatever) LoL!! thats what you said! LoL!! well thanks for everything and im here when ya need me to! I swear your like the best guy friend ever and so sweet! and im so glad i know you and were are really good friends!!!!!!
xOxO *cassie*

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