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Awwww!! Thats so Cute!!

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 OmG girly i love you so fricken much and we have had so many good times on the way to your sisters party and we hear that song adn they guy kept going Dont forget me.....and were like we wont forget you!!1 lOL!!! and omg when we went swimming sorta......we were in the hot tub then we went to the pool which was like 42 degrees or something and you pushed me on "me first" HaHAhHA! and basketball was so fricken awesome with you on my tEAm!!! Im so glad i no you, you are such a GREAT friend! i love ya so much

dchristiesbabe13: i would go to the end of the world 4 u i luv ya so  much
Beans i love you so much! :-*

xOxO With Love always and Forever

Babe i Love you so fricken much BF4L im so glad i found you and i have you, your the best friend ever!!